Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Kawasaki: World's Best Presentations

I'm a fan of Kawasaki's blog, even if the title ("How to Change the World") is just a bit over the top. Beyond his track record, he's just a really good writer.

Guy's been promoting a competition by SlideShare. Since SlideShare does what you'd think it does - enabling people to share PowerPoint presos - it's been a smart way to get the company's name out there. Then, even smarter, the company picked powerblogger Kawasaki to judge it, along with other presentation superstars: Bert Decker, Garr Reynolds, and Jerry Weissman.

You can view the winning entries here. Guy blogs that:

The commonality you’ll see in these winners is big fonts, big graphics, and a “storytelling” orientation. These are three crucial qualities of a good presentation.

I'd also add really clean design, minimal text and color supersaturation. These presentations set the bar for PowerPoint. May we never be cursed with image-free, bullet-burdened slides again.



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