Sunday, February 18, 2007

CNNMoney Says Old Media Isn't Dead

For Valentine's Day, Paul R. La Monica, a editor at large, kicked off his ode to old media this way:

This Valentine's Day, I've decided to give a big sloppy wet kiss to something that really needs some love: old media.

LaMonica goes on to defend the thesis that old media and new media will co-exist, a blending that one executive calls "media meshing."

People can enjoy both old and new media. Gregory Coleman, executive vice president of global media sales for Yahoo! (Charts) described the phenomenon as "media meshing" at a Yahoo presentation for advertisers in New York Tuesday evening.

Coleman conceded that TV, among other old forms of media, will always be a big draw for consumers and advertisers. The trick is to recognize that more and more people are using various forms of media simultaneously, meshing if you will, and that this meshing can often enhance the media experience for a consumer.

So now I know that when hubby and I are reading email and surfing sites while watching House, we are "media meshing."

I tend to agree with Catherine Marenghi's perspective on newspapers and other "old" media, which she writes about here. It has its place. No website can replace my monthly Vanity Fair, replete with those
lush photos by Annie Leibovitz and those feisty editorials by Graydon Carter.

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At 10:11 AM, Blogger Jose said...

Great point - more mashups with old and new are more and more common place. Watch out though - that Vanity Fair experience will be captured and expanded upon for the web.

At 1:14 PM, Blogger Barb Heffner said...

Hey Jose - Thanks for stopping by! Since I read VF in my jammies, and since I have drawn the line at laptop in bed, VF 1.0 will still have a place in my heart, even if the website does cool videos and such. :)


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