Friday, October 13, 2006

SVB Annual Soiree: Lawyers, Big Guns and Money

Penned by CHEN PR Partner, Chris Carleton...

A couple of hundred local tech entrepreneurs, investors, lawyers, PR folks, recruiters and assorted Who's Whoers descended on Newton's Brae Burn Country Club last night for Silicon Valley Bank's annual schmooze fest. The party's always a great barometer for how things are going for the region's tech circuit. Given the positive vibe that characterized the cocktail chatter, there's good stuff afoot with startup and established companies alike.

Have to give SVB its props, too. We all go to dozens of these events. One tends to fade into the other in a non-descript, "who's party was that..." kinda way. But not this event. It's held in a classy spot. You catch up with a great mix of friends and associates. Every person you bump into from SVB is gracious and affable. It runs like clockwork. And you leave with a nice bottle of wine. What's not to like about that?

So, thanks again to Phil Ernst and his SVB peers for the hospitality....


At 10:48 AM, Blogger Emedina said...

I’m doing research for a graduate class at TCU. The study focuses on women, public relations and blogging. Because this is a popular blog kept by a woman, we chose to post questions here. Each week we will be posting a new question and would greatly appreciate responses from readers.

“What are the benefits/advantages of using blogging as a PR tool?”

At 2:23 PM, Blogger Barb Heffner said...

Hi Emedina, Thanks for selecting our blog for your project. What a great idea!

There are many advantages of using blogging as an open and informal channel of communications. Most of these boil down to three "P's" -- prompt, personal and participatory.

Prompt - You can usually post a blog entry much more quickly than you can get a release drafted, approved and over the wire, so it has an immediacy that a formal press release generally can't match. This enables you to capture and convey the feelings of the moment.

Personal - As our other post from Oct. 13 demonstrates, you can be much more informal and let your personality shine through. This is especially helpful for a corporation, because it gives readers a feeling for the people behind the company. One of our CEO clients who is blogging noted that he rarely attends a customer or partner meeting where they don't comment on his blog.

Participatory - This exchange is a great example of this blog attribute. Unlike a print or online article, blogs foster two-way communication. There are countless great examples of ways in which firms like Microsoft and GM have used this ability to improve communication with consumers and the rest of the world.


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